About Us

a happy dog is a well behaved dog

Every dog needs stimulation, which eliminates boredom and disruptive behavior, such as escaping, ripping up plants, chewing washing or extreme barking etc.

At K9 Zone our qualified staff provide a diverse range of activities and toys to keep you dog engaged and happy. We provide an opportunity for your dog to socialise in a safe, supervised environment under the supervision of trained and caring staff.


You have the option to have your dog/s trained by qualified staff included in price.


The K9 Zone Grooming Salon uses natural products only “no cheap harsh products are used” to maintain a healthy Ph on your dog/s skin and coats.

Our Dog Groomers and Trainers are all certified and qualified - they have completed training through specialized Dog Training Colleges or TAFE.

K9 Zone is member of the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia) where strict bylaws and guidelines have to be met.

extra tlc

Our staff see K9 Zone as more than just a job, we love animals and we are all dog lovers. Your dog will receive cuddles and rewards while grooming, playing or training with us.

cage free

Yes we are “Cage Free” - so your dog will enjoy open spaces to play in. The removable fencing in our indoor park allows us to section off areas and for rest and also to open up the play area in the indoor park depending how many dogs are in day care on the day.

dog grooming

Appointments are necessary for all grooming. Your dog has it own personal groomer and so they will get the attention they deserve. It's all about hands-on massage and relaxation while grooming your dog. This eliminates stress on your dog and aids in relaxation, making the entire experience less traumatic for your beloved dog.

*All dogs in K9 Zone Daycare must have proof of C5 Vaccinations.